Check out some of our creations!

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Our Bestsellers

Snooze Tent


This little teepee style pet tent was created for our own fussy Leopard gecko but it would suit Hamsters or even crested geckos too!

its been a best seller since day one and pets continue to love it as do their owners! 

Cosy Coffin


The cosy coffin has been a huge hit with not just the Bearded Dragons we designed it for, but their owners too!

What started as a Halloween special fast became and all year round best seller...its quirky and alternative style has made it one of our favourites too!

Lizard Lounger


Designed like your own sofa at home, the Lizard lounger is a huge hit with the pets!

Designed  for Bearded Dragons but would suit Guinea pigs and Rabbits too.

Its fun yet functional with machine washable bedding.

Dragon egg


We created this unique and stand out bed because of our love of Game of Thrones! and all things Dragon.

Beardies love them and they look incredible inside the enclosure.

They are hard to make but we feel they are worth it and so do our customers!

Snuggle pocket


Created with our own signature fleece fabric, this little pocket hide is the perfect place for Leopard Geckos to feel safe and secure whilst hanging out with their owners, sit with your pet on the bed or sofa and they will snuggle down in this little bed like its your t shirt pocket!